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4 Top Tire Brands in 2020


Would you like to know about the best tire brands in the market? Have you considered replacing a tire of your car?

Many people travel by car every day, especially for work. In these trips, the most critical factor is safety that you can only get from the right tire. There are many brands of tires, and it can be challenging to choose, especially nowadays, when you have to change car tires according to the seasons. Anyway, in case you are willing to ensure the maximum quality, the best option for you is to choose a premium brand.

What are the Best Tire Brands?

It is actually a difficult question since the tire brands make so many models that some are going to stand out more for both. One criterion that you can follow is that of the CEA Foundation, which stands for European Automobile Commission.

This institution is actually a benchmark with regards to the prevention, education & road safety activities. The best tire brands recognized by this foundation are Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear and Yokohama. These tires have actually been tested for these elements like;

  • Adherence, both dry & wet.
  • Fuel consumption
  • Noise emitted
  • Tread wear

Returning to the premium wheel brands, you’ll see that they are all well known. In case you are willing to buy them, find spare parts, assembly and technical service, it won’t really be a problem for you. We have shortlisted the best tire brands that you might want to have a look at. So let’s dive in;


In 1890, this company was founded in Japan. Bridgestone began to be better known as a result of its supply to the Formula-1-cars until it was actually replaced by Pirelli. Currently, Bridgestone is known as the largest tire producer in the world.

As per the test carried out in November 2015, Bridgestone’s DriveGuard range stood out and proven to be the best amongst three competitors in straight & curve aquaplaning, dry braking and wet surface lateral grip.


Dunlop is a British tire company. Currently, it is 75% owned by Goodyear and 25% by Grupo Sumitono. The Dunlop tyres have also been present in Formula 1. Currently, they are in speed motorcycling and endurance racing.


Goodyear was founded in 1892 in the USA. Its name actually comes from the inventor of rubber vulcanization, which was Charles Goodyear. Goodyear tires have been top-rated in Formula-1 since for years they supplied equipment like Ferrari, McLaren as well as others.


Yokohama is a Japanese tire brand known for its handling & grip in both wet & dry conditions. This brand has a very old history as it was established in 1917. It was Yokohama that produced Japan’s first tubeless tires. They aim to take top class tire technology from race tracks to everyday roads. Perhaps that’s the reason why the majority of its tires are performance oriented.

This company produces a broad range, and some of its famous models are BluEarth – known for efficiency & eco-friendliness, Drive – affordable handling performance and Geolander – for 4WDs & SUVs.

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