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5 Game of Thrones Spin-offs I’d Pay To Watch


The winter is here and soon it’ll be over. But the show must go on!

Now that an entire season of Game of Thrones is over, and it looks like we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for the final season, I’m having withdrawal symptoms. This happens every year once the season ends and I find myself reading fan theories, watching behind the scene clips, and coming up with my theories. You can also play PUBG Lite on PC right now free which recently released for low-end devices

Game of Thrones’ final season will put an end to an epic TV show. No wonder it’s been the most pirated and therefore the most-watched TV show on the planet. There are speculations that HBO could deliver Game of Thrones spin-offs once the series is over. These could be based on a single character or many, and take a parallel story ahead.

Last night, I had a few ideas of my own. I consider it my duty to share them with you all. Also, there’s no better way to deal with my anxiousness. Also, if you haven’t seen this season yet there might be a few silly spoilers below. I know these are more like mash-ups and not actual spin-offs, but whatever floats my boat.

Here are five ideas I have about possible Game of Thrones spin-offs that I wouldn’t mind paying to watch:

Walk With The White Walkers

The white walkers have been leading the army of the dead for quite a long time now. We saw them charging towards the wall for the entire season. It only makes sense to tie up with a sporting or fitness brand and create this amazing spin-off where the army of the dead talks about the advantages of walking for good health. I know it’s kind of ironic to put it this way: I mean they’re dead and they’re talking about health issues and all.

Shark Tank With Game of Thrones

More than its grand storyline, Game of Thrones is a series with rich and deep characters. A lot of them are strong negotiators while a bunch of them are super clever. If you let these characters become contestants or even judges on a show like Shark Tank, you have a new thing going. For all we know, the Iron Bank could be sitting on the judges’ panel themselves. Also, the dead characters on the show can participate. Who knows Bran Stark could pitch VR apps from the future and make it big.

Learn How To Ride A Dragon

If you had to create just one little spin-off, I’d put all my money on Daenerys Targaryen. The mother of dragons could have her show (rated PG) where she talks about her dragons. She could teach us how to ride a dragon, how to feed them, and what it takes to be the mother of dragons. Of course, we can’t let her burn anyone live on television, not anymore. Given how Game of Thrones has been mostly an adult-rated show, I’d love the kids to meet Daenerys Targaryen.

Full House of Starks

The Starks are finally together again. It almost feels like a Bollywood movie ending, and the fact that the entire family survived a whole season is just beyond exciting. When I look at each of the Stark kids I can’t help but imagine them being a part of a nice little family, living happily together, and going through the daily ups and downs. A Full House reimagined with just the Starks would be an instant bestseller. We could bring back Ned Stark too for all you need. After all, the north remembers. Pubg mobile Apk download.

Life Lessons By Tyrion Lannister

If there’s one person who knows about survival, mind games and making it out alive time after time, it has to be Tyrion Lannister. A show just featuring Tyrion as a central character and viewing things from his perspective would create a killer TV show. He’s not only smart, but he’s also one of the hilarious characters on the show. Netflix would pay an insane amount of money for a Netflix special with Tyrion Lannister.

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